For our Christmas wish list this year, we had only one thing on our minds. Some festive comms that didn’t only spread cheer, but truly sleighed!

As a creative agency, we're lucky to bring together a collective of brilliant minds. And the magic happens when we tap into our talent. So, we set a challenge to our Live & Breather’s to embark on a festive task; conceptualise an idea for how we can celebrate & get in the festive spirit this December. 

Our little helpers certainly got busy, crafting entries that sparkled with creativity. But, in the end, there could only be one winner... 


The idea that stole our hearts 

We crowned Tim Richards and Astrid Salas, our Photographic Art Directors, as the winners. Their submission encompassed the true magic of the festive season, a sentiment expressed in their idea overview:   

‘The spirit of Christmas resides in the invisible thread woven through the thoughtful consideration we extend to others. This thread expands to the lives touched by our work and those that work for us - let’s explore the meaning of ‘togetherness’ this December.

Fostering a sense of togetherness and forging connections is at the beating heartbeat of our business. And it’s safe to say that this struck a chord with us. So, we turned their entry into action. Our goal? To spread a little joy the best way we know how. By rolling up our sleeves and getting stuck in – one delicious mince pie at a time. 


‘Tis the season for togetherness 

On a cold and frosty morning, our talented teams gathered together in our studio kitchens in Leeds. Armed with aprons and enthusiasm, we were ready to whip up some delicious mince pies – a perfect recipe for festive fun! 

The aroma and spices of the holiday season filled our kitchens. Flour dusted the worktops and sweet fillings were expertly spooned into pastry cases. Mary Berry herself would’ve been proud, but most importantly, the entire office radiated with the joy of the season. 

With our mince pies fresh out the oven we looked at spreading the festive joy outside of the agency too. Or local community is important to us, so we took some time out to deliver some festive treats to a local care home. 

Beyond the pies, we built lasting memories and took a moment to reflect on the incredible year we’ve had at Live & Breathe (L&B). And in the midst of it all, we embraced the true spirit of togetherness.  



Cooking up some creativity 

But we couldn’t just let the mince pies to steal the show. Our aim was to put our incredible team members front and centre of our Christmas comms. Through photography and video styling, we captured the merry and bright mince pie-making process, ensuring that our little helpers behind the scenes took the stage. Because it’s not only about the pies; it’s about the people who are the backbone of L&B. 


BE MORE in 2024 

As we end the year on a high, we can’t help but reflect on our Mince Pie Mission – a real testament to the togetherness, camaraderie, and giving spirit that defines us here at L&B. 

All the team’s submissions for this year’s Christmas activity centred around the theme of giving back, and this has certainly ignited a spark for 2024. We’ll be working on more charity initiatives, making a positive impact that lasts beyond the holiday season